Marriages without Sex (1)

The concept of marriage without sex is a strange one, yet cases do exist and they are not as infrequent as you might imagine. Situations occur in which the woman remains a virgin during the entire course of the marriage.

These cases are rare. More commonly, women choose selective sex within the marriage. Many of these cases of selective intercourse involve women who have been sexually abused. Today we will look at the story of Sue.

Sue is a qualified psychologist and met her husband-to-be while at university. They dared for several years while they completed their degrees. During that time, there was nothing more intimate than kissing. Her then boyfriend, James, accepted the situation, and later related that he thought she had high morals and did not want sex before marriage. Although not particularly religious, Sue confirmed that this was what she wanted. James agreed to the situation.

The wedding day arrived. After the ceremony, when the couple had retired to their hotel room for the night, James got a rude shock. After making preliminary lovemaking moves, Sue informed him that she didn’t want to have sex “until after they got to know one another better”. James was flabbergasted as they had been dating for over three years. However, he put it down to the fact they his new wife was probably exhausted by the whole wedding day build-p. After all, he was pretty tired himself.

But things did not improve in the bedroom for Sue and James. Sue absolutely refused intercourse and James put up with it. However, one night, two years into the marriage, James got lucky. Sue enticed him into the bedroom and allowed him to have sex with her. And for the next two nights running. James thought all his Christmases had come at once.

However, that was the end of the sex. Sue refused to have anything to do with him sexually again. But two months later, Sue announced she was pregnant. The sex was all about what Sue wanted. And that was to have a baby.

In coming articles, we will look at how this marriage fared.

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