Articles on Social Phobia

Social Phobia - A Case Study
Jeff is a quiet sort of a guy. He is reasonably well-liked, mainly because he doesn't step on anyone's toes and is always willing to go along with other people's suggestions. His acquaintances sometimes laugh about how shy he is, and how odd it is that a grown man can blush for no apparent reason. "What color's red, Jeff?"is always guaranteed to get a few laughs. For everyone except Jeff, of course… (Read more)

Are You a Social Phobic?
Social phobics account for over 13% of the population, so the debilitating anxiety that people suffering from social phobia experience is not an uncommon phenomenon. But how do you know if you really do have the condition? The following is a list of criteria required for a diagnosis of social phobia… (Read more)

Social Phobia - Treatment
Earlier we looked at the problem of social phobia from the viewpoint of a fictitious character named Jeff. Let's now look at some methods Jeff can use to make life a little bit more bearable… (Read more)


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