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Suicide: Is It a Selfish Act?
Since we have just passed through Christmas, the highest suicide period of the year, I thought it was time to address this taboo, yet all-too-common, topic. What do you think about people who commit suicide? This is an interesting question and one that produces a variety of responses... (Read more)

Suicide: My Thoughts on One Case
In "Suicide: What Do You Think about It?" I talked about the varied reactions of people to the phenomenon of suicide. Today I want to talk about a recent example of a typical reaction to suicide, one that I experienced just prior to Christmas, that season of love, family, and pronounced spikes in the annual rate of suicide... (Read more)

Speaking Ill of the Dead
When I wrote my two recent blogs on suicide expressing my sadness that there are people who still believe that those who commit suicide are selfish, I waited for more of the same. I did not have to wait long... (Read more)

How to Help a Suicidal Person
What would you do if you suddenly encountered a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger who was showing strong signs of imminent suicide? Few of us are taught what to do in a situation such as this, so let's look some ways to deal with this extremely difficult situation... (Read more)

Talking to a Suicidal Person
Dealing with a person who is having suicidal thoughts is thankfully not something we have to deal with every day. Consequently few of us are prepared should such a situation arise. In How to Help a Suicidal Person (1) and (2), we looked at ways to address the immediate situation of dealing with an at-risk person. Today we look at further themes in helping a distressed person… (Read more)

Reassuring a Suicidal Person
In our continuing series on suicide, we look today at how to give reassurance, information, and hope to a person at risk of suicide. Suicide claims the lives of tens of thousands of Americans each year, and victims are of both genders, and come from a multitude of backgrounds. Certainly success and money are no insurance against the depression and anxiety that predates suicidal thoughts and actions… (Read more)

Suicide: Why Do The Neighbors Talk But Do Nothing
This weekend I happened across a woman who needs help. She had a For Sale sign out front of her block of units and I stopped to ask her which one was for sale. She told me but it became obvious that she was distracted, depressed and anxious...(Read more)

Suicide: The Inability of Family To See Past Their Own Agenda
I once lived next door to a man who committed suicide. He was a lovely guy, with a wife and young child. But he was desperately ill and he was not getting the help he needed...(Read more)

Another Suicide, Another Pain- Filled Life Ended
Yesterday I was woken by a flurry of activity at dawn in our normally quiet street. Police cars, ambulances, forensics teams and finally, the giveaway, the funeral directors van said it all. Another suicide...(Read more)

Why the Taboo about Suicide?
A recent suicide by one of the neighbors in my street has resulted in some typical behaviors by people when they find out that someone has taken their life...(Read more)

Poor Treatment of Suicide Survivors
What’s worse than getting to the point where life is nothing more than an ongoing emotional hell that needs to end? It’s surviving a suicide attempt and being treated by so-called professional medical staff with contempt and irritation... (Read more)



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