Articles on Munchausen By Proxy

Munchausen by Proxy
When a parent, usually the mother, consciously attempts to make her child sick, while at the same time seeking medical attention for the child, this is known as a case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. These sad cases often make the news, as deliberating harming one's child is a form of child abuse. Yet in this syndrome the mother seems to be very caring. So caring, in fact, that she may fool medical authorities, often for years... (Read more)

Munchausen by Proxy: A Special Kind of Child Abuse
We previously looked at the curious phenomena of Munchausen by Proxy (MBP). Correctly known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, or more simply, factitious disorder by proxy, it customarily involves a female parent or guardian who will use the illness of her child to draw attention to herself. However, it is the parent or guardian who actually makes the child sick, often by chemical means or even injecting urine into the child's bloodstream in an attempt to cause infection... (Read more)

Munchausen Mum Escapes Jail Term
So what happens to a mother when she is found to be suffering from Munchausen by proxy? As we learned in the previous articles on this puzzling condition, Munchausen by proxy or its alternate title, Factitious Disorder by proxy, is a condition whereby the legal guardian, usually the mother, deliberately harms her child in order to draw attention to herself... (Read more)


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