Articles on Panic Disorder

What is Panic Disorder?
Do you know someone who seldom seems to leave the house, or if they do they leave in the company of another person? Are they reluctant to accept invitations to weddings, attend social events, or even have a cup of coffee at your place, but are more than happy to hold functions at their own residence? Then that person may be suffering from Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia… (Read more)

Panic Disorder: Case Studies
Panic attacks can affect anyone given the right circumstances. They are frightening events, ones that routine life cannot prepare us for. Small wonder that a panic attack is never forgotten, and it is the very intensity of these attacks that make us all so vulnerable to succumbing to a life filled with anxiety and punctuated by panic… (Read more)

Do you have Panic Disorder with/without Agoraphobia?
Panic attacks can happen to anyone given the right set of circumstances. Panic Disorder occurs in approximately 3.5% of the population. However the true proportion is likely to be much higher as sufferers, particularly males, do not seek treatment for the disorder for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from embarrassment, inability to attend a doctor’s office, or fear of being diagnosed as insane… (Read more)

More on Panic Disorder
Panic Disorder is a highly distressing anxiety disorder which has the potential, if untreated, to severely handicap the sufferer. Many famous people are believed to have suffered from Panic Disorder, including Edvard Munch, the creator of the painting “The Scream”. Munch was known to suffer from panic attacks and many people believe his painting to be an attempt to portray the sheer terror and fear which accompanies a full-blown panic attack… (Read more)

Supporting a person with Panic Disorder (1)
To be a support to a person suffering from Panic Disorder requires understanding and infinite patience. Panic attacks are very frightening ordeals; so frightening that a person will do anything to avoid having one. Panic attacks are beyond the normal experience of everyday anxiety and therefore are difficult for a person who has never experienced one to understand… (Read more)

Supporting a person with Panic Disorder (2)
It takes a special person to support a friend who suffers from panic attacks and is using exposure therapy to recover from their condition. Patience, perseverance, understanding, and a caring nature are essential to facilitate recovery. But with help, you can learn to assist your friend overcome this debilitating condition. Following on from our first article in this series, here are some more tips to move your friend towards recovery… (Read more)


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