Articles on Dependent Personality Disorder

What is Dependent Personality Disorder? (1)
We are all dependent on each other to a certain extent to survive. We need contact with other like souls for our mental health, and when we are ill we often need a helping hand to get us back on our feet. But what about a person who is constantly reliant on opinions, advice and help from others simply to get through the day?... (Read more)

What is Dependent Personality Disorder? (2)
Not being able to make up your own mind and needing others to help you to make even the most basic of decisions is one characteristic of Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD). Another is being unable to state your wants, needs and opinions because of an unrealistic fear of rejection... (Read more)

Dependent Personality Disorder: Diagnostic Criteria
As described in earlier articles on this condition, individuals displaying signs of dependent personality disorder often agree with others to their face due to a profound fear of estrangement and abandonment. Fear of rejection rules their lives and anxiety and panic attacks are common features due to the constant stress of trying to please and appease everyone in their life... (Read more)

Dependent Personality Disorder: Difficulties in Relationships
Apart from the pain and anxiety that a sufferer of Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD) suffers on a daily basis, there are also considerable interpersonal problems that accompany this disorder. For family and friends, there is a constant need for reassurance and approval required that can lead to frustration and even rejection of the sufferer... (Read more)



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