Articles on Bipolar Disorder

What is Bipolar Disorder?
Bipolar Disorder (or manic-depression as it was previously termed) has been described as "the roller coaster ride from heaven to hell and back". Sufferers of this condition experience profound depressive episodes which alternate with periods of extreme mania and elationā€¦ (Read more)

More on Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder is a major mood disorder in which both manic and depressive episodes alternate over time. The sufferer may exhibit elated, manic-type behavior for up to several months at a time, and then descend into a major depressive episodeā€¦ (Read more)

Pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder can vary enormously in both severity and type of symptoms between person to person. Therefore the assistance of a psychiatrist will be necessary to help you manage your bipolar symptoms during pregnancy. Lithium and epilum are two of the drugs of choice used to manage the bipolar state and it is best for your baby if you can be as drug-free as possible during pregnancy, particularly during the first trimester... (Read more)

Helping Your Friend or Family Member through a Psychotic Episode
Watching a loved one go through psychosis is a heart-breaking process, especially for parents. Not knowing what to do compounds the problem and causes more stress, both for the sufferer and the family member alike. Knowledge is power and there are many things that family and friends can do to help... (Read more)

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