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Laughter-The Best Medicine!
In the 1960s, Norman Cousins, the then editor of the Saturday Review discharged himself from hospital, locked himself in a hotel room, and proceeded to watch Marx Brothers movies and Candid Camera episodes... (Read more)

Pamper Yourself - You're Worth It!
Feeling run down? Feeling unappreciated? Feeling depressed? Feeling anxious? Sounds like it's time you booked yourself in for a well-earned tune-up... (Read more)

The Myth of the Perfect Woman
Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly under pressure to be somebody else. Open any women's magazine and we are bombarded right from the very first page... (Read more)

Are you an Enabler?
Do you have a friend who is hopeless at budgeting and you're constantly lending her ten dollars here and twenty dollars there? Do you have a spouse with an alcohol problem and you phone his or her boss to call in sick instead of making them do it themselves? (Read more)

We're all stars!
Do you believe you have little in common with a heroin-addicted mother of three? Or perhaps a professor of 19th century French literature from a prestigious Ivy League university? Or maybe you feel you are the exact opposite of your overbearing in-laws. Well, think again... (Read more)

Who's your best friend?
When someone asks you this question, how do you usually answer? Do you mentally run through a list of friends deciding which one is really your favorite? Or perhaps you would answer immediately that your best friend is your spouse or partner... (Read more)

Be your own best friend!
In "Who's your best friend?", when you were asked to name your best friend, did you answer with a name other than your own? If you did, it's no surprise. Most people do not seriously regard themselves as a friend and will nominate a host of names without once considering themselves to be a friend... (Read more)

Do you have a toxic friend?
As the saying goes, we can't choose our family, but we can choose our friends. But what if we have chosen a toxic friend? One that seems like a friend, but is subtly undermining us on a regular basis... (Read more)

Be a Goose: It's Good for your Mental Health!
Ever been told you're a real goose? Well, from now on you can take it as a compliment instead of an insult. Read the following story about the life habits of geese and discover that, like most animals in nature, they are definitely one up on us humans.. (Read more)



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