Articles on Estranged Adult Children

Coping with Estranged Adult Children
In this article, and ones to follow, we will be looking at relationships between parents and their adult children. In particular, when those supposed adult-to-adult relationships go horribly wrong. One of the features of many of these relationships is that the parent does not know why they are now estranged from their adult children. And, of more concern, when they try to ask what is wrong, the parent is often met with a wall of silence... (Read more)

Estranged Adult Children: When People Blame the Mother
The phenomenon of estranged adult children is on the rise and affects more families than statistics indicate. This is largely through the embarrassment of parents who are hesitant to admit to anyone outside the immediate family that they have not heard from their adult children in months or even years. It is seen as a failure on the part of the parents... (Read more)

Living with Difficult Adult Children: The Story of Helen
Helen has three adult daughters. Aged in their 30’s, they act more like adolescents than adults, regarding their ability to plan and take responsibility for their lives. These women do not have psychiatric disorders but they have failed to mature as normally expected. So instead of being able to relax and enjoy her space from active mothering, Helen is basically “on call” for every minor trauma or circumstance that happens in these girls lives. And the word “girl” is intentional, because in no way are any of these three daughters “women”... (Read More)

Coping with Estranged Adult Children (2)
So many of my clients have suffered from the effects of having a relationship with an estranged son or daughter. The estrangement is not the choice of the parent – it is a choice of the adult child. When the cause of the estrangement is obvious, there is less pain on the part of the parent. However, in the cases I work with, many of these parents (often it is the mother who seeks counseling) have no real idea of why their adult son or daughter no longer wishes to have contact with them. Not only does this cause extreme emotional pain to the mother, but as the cause is not known, there is nothing that can be done to rectify the situation... (Read More)

Hannah and Jeff – How a Mother coped with her Estranged Son
In the previous article on Hannah and her two sons, we looked how Hannah dealt with the difficult relationship she had with her younger adult son, Cam. In today’s article we will be following Hannah as she works in therapy to decide how best to cope with the estrangement from her elder son, Jeff... (Read More)




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