Articles on Post-Partum Depression

Postpartum depression: What are the symptoms?
The birth of a baby is both a happy and a stressful time for a woman. Months of anticipation are over, the infant has arrived and is healthy, and both sets of grandparents are beaming. But you’re not… (Read more)

Postpartum depression: Effects on relationships (1)
Postpartum depression affects roughly one in 8 women and is much more than a feeling of unhappiness or sadness. It is a real illness, is beyond the mother’s control, and requires medical intervention… (Read more)

Postpartum depression: Effects on relationships (2)
In Postpartum depression: Effects on relationships (1), we looked at this disturbing condition from the mother’s point of view, explaining that the lack of interest in the newborn and the inability to adequately care for the new baby is simply the effect of the illness, not a reflection of mothering ability… (Read more)

Postpartum depression: Effects on relationships (3)
In this blog, we continue with looking at how postpartum depression affects the mother, her partner and family and friends as discussed in Postpartum depression: Effects on relationships (1) and (2)… (Read more)

Postpartum depression: Effects on the marriage
Postpartum depression can be one of the significant factors involved in marital friction and divorce. Despite the prevalence of the condition, women are reluctant to talk about the effect it has on their marriage… (Read more)

Fathers and postnatal depression
A new study from the University of Melbourne in Australia has revealed a vital link between postnatal depression in new mothers and the behaviors of the baby’s father… (Read more)

Postpartum psychosis: What is it?
Postpartum psychosis is the most severe of the three postnatal conditions as outlined in Postpartum depression: How do I know I have it? It affects roughly one in 500 new mothers and generally manifests within the first fortnight after giving birth… (Read more)

Post-birth Weight Loss and its Psychological Impact
I read an interesting article recently about new mothers and their struggle to regain their figures after childbirth. Actually, it was more sad than interesting... (Read More)



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