Articles on Schizophrenia

What is Schizophrenia?
The public misconception of a schizophrenia sufferer as having a “split personality” has been pushed by Hollywood and novelists alike. Sufferers of this serious mental illness do not possess dual personalities, but the unfortunate stigma that is attached to schizophrenia and mental illness in general often precludes the general public having a thorough understanding of what this complex condition is all about… (Read more)

Schizophrenia: Diagnostic Symptoms
Schizophrenia is a very complex disorder and affects many or all of the functions that we rely on to successfully get through each day. The condition typically includes delusions (irrational beliefs) and hallucinations (sensory experiences in the absence of actual events). Schizophrenia is also one of the disorders that include psychotic episodes… (Read more)

Symptoms of schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is such a complex illness that diagnosis can be delayed due to the confusing array of behaviors that characterize the condition. However, because it is an illness that mostly strikes in the late teens and early twenties, it is important to be informed of the symptoms of this erratic and disturbing illness… (Read more)

Prenatal Stress and Schizophrenia
Researchers have now uncovered a conclusive link between extreme stress during the early stages of pregnancy and the development of schizophrenia in the children of those mothers in later life... (Read More)

The minefield of schizophrenia
Having a family member diagnosed with schizophrenia is distressing enough, but having to deal with the terminology and language of schizophrenia can be a nightmare in its own right. Here is a short glossary of terms that are frequently used by mental health professionals to describe the common characteristics of this puzzling and disturbing illness… (Read more)

Childhood schizophrenia
Any parent would be concerned if their child was experiencing voices or seeing objects or people that weren’t really there. Where there is disturbed social interaction, the presence of a voice or voices speaking in negative terms to and about the child, in conjunction with evidence of the child talking to him or herself, there could be cause for a diagnosis of childhood schizophrenia… (Read more)

Schizophrenia and VCFS
Never heard of VCFS? You’re not alone. VCFS (Velo-cardio-facial syndrome) is a relatively rare illness affecting one in 5000 children and can remain undiagnosed for years, putting strain on both sufferers and their families. The interesting aspect of this condition for researchers is that children with VCFS have an almost one in three chance of developing schizophrenia… (Read more)

Understanding Psychosis
The phenomenon of psychosis affects a person's thoughts, perceptions, emotions and consequently, behavior. Around 3% of the population will experience psychosis during the course of their lifetime, so the condition cannot be regarded as rare... (Read more)

Helping Your Friend or Family Member through a Psychotic Episode
Watching a loved one go through psychosis is a heart-breaking process, especially for parents. Not knowing what to do compounds the problem and causes more stress, both for the sufferer and the family member alike. Knowledge is power and there are many things that family and friends can do to help... (Read more)


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