Articles on Sexual Harassment and Assault

Coping with Sexual Harassment and Assault (1)
Sexual assault in all its forms occurs across all age groups and in both genders. Unlike the stereotyped "rape" scenario, sexual assault is rarely carried out by strangers... (Read more)

Coping with Sexual Harassment and Assault (2)
Sexual assault cuts across gender and racial boundaries causing distress to both sufferers and their loved ones. When sexual assault occurs, it often turns the life of the victim upside down as they struggle to deal with a raft of mixed emotions... (Read more)

Coping with Sexual Harassment and Assault (3)
Last blog, we looked at many of the emotions that a person encounters after a sexual assault. Guilt, anger, denial, a feeling of contamination, anxiety, depression: all combine to make the post-assault period a very stressful time... (Read more)

Coping with Sexual Harassment and Assault (4)
Jane was a victim of date rape. Sian was sexually assaulted by her boss. Both women suffered enormously from their ordeal, but the way in which they dealt with the event differed in one significant way... (Read more)

Sexual Assault Victims Protecting Others
I read in the weekend paper about a 45-year-old woman who had been repeatedly molested by a minister when she was a small girl. As an adult she reported the matter to the relevant church. It was covered up. Nothing was done about it… (Read more)

The Guilt of Sexual Assault
I don't think I have ever encountered a client with a history of sexual assault who has not had issues with guilt. Whether the assault happened during the adult years or in childhood, the specter of guilt is never far from the surface… (Read more)

Anger and Sexual Abuse
In The Guilt of Sexual Abuse we looked at the issue of guilt and how it is such a common phenomena as to be almost expected after an incident of sexual assault. In this extended article we will look at the anger also associated with this insidious crime... (Read more)

Sexual Assault: Denying Your Anger at the Perpetrator
One would expect that when a person has been sexually assaulted, the victim of the crime would be extremely angry at the perpetrator. But the act of sexual assault has such a profound effect on a person that what one might expect should happen, doesn't necessarily happen that way at all... (Read more)

When Outing Your Father for Child Rape Breaks Up Your Family
Sadly fathers do rape their own children and sometimes they even rape their infant children. They can even rape several daughters over a period of years. Although this is a crime involving a prison sentence, many perpetrators go undisclosed... (Read more)

Sexual Assault: The Perpetrator, the Victim and the Representative of Justice
In all cases of sexual assault, there is the perpetrator and the victim. In some cases, there is an introduction of a third party: the representative of justice. The latter only comes into the picture when the victim reports the crime, which according to available statistics, is in the minority. This means that most crimes of a sexual nature go unreported... (Read more)


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