We’re all Stars!

Do you believe you have little in common with a heroin-addicted mother of three? Or perhaps a professor of 19th century French literature from a prestigious Ivy League university? Or maybe you feel you are the exact opposite of your overbearing in-laws. Well, think again.

The late astronomer Carl Sagan was famous for expounding that we were all made of “star-stuff.” In essence, he was trying to say that we, our surrounding, our planet, even the entire universe was made up of the same collection of atoms and molecules. In short, we are all just variations on the same theme.

When we consider what Carl was trying to tell us, we can get a clearer view of mankind. By consciously remembering that each of us is made of the same “star-stuff,” we can make valuable connections with others around us, on both a conscious and unconscious level. In doing so, suddenly we feel less isolated and more connected with the people around us. The people on the bus, on the subway, in the mall, on the freeway; all of them are made up of the same essential essence as you. Even the ones we love to hate.

Look around the room that you are sitting in now. The furnishings, even the computer, are made up of the same basic building blocks as you are. Listen to the noise of traffic and people talking outside: they too are made of the same materials as you.

As you walk down the street become aware that each person you meet bears the same basic essence that you do, no matter how appealing or unappealing they may look. Mentally connect yourself with each person you pass on your journey today, taking time to experience the common factors you both share.

Black or white, male or female, Muslim or Christian: we are all made of the same fantastic “star-stuff.” This meditative experience will bring you calm and inner peace. Rather than mentally and emotionally cutting ourselves off from “The Others,” purposefully connect with them instead. In return you will experience untold peace and happiness. Your mood will be uplifted and positive and your world will have expanded far beyond the limited boundaries you may currently inhabit. Best of all, your stress levels will plummet as you begin to experience the “oneness” of the world around us.

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