Lift Your Spirits with a “Happy Box”

Sometimes the world does not seem such a wonderful place; the skies are gloomy and so are you. Your problems seem overwhelming at present and you are enveloped in a cloak of doom and unhappiness. This is when you need to get out your “Happy Box” and do a serious reality check (and have some fun besides!)

So what is a “Happy Box”? The concept of a “Happy Box” is often used for patients suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses, and is simply a collection of all the bits and pieces of your life that have brought you joy and happiness.

But we can extend the idea of a “Happy Box” to make our own lives brighter at those times when we feel that we have hit rock bottom. You can buy a pretty box to keep all those tangible items of happy times, or your “Happy Box” can be as simple as a shoe-box.

So, what do you put inside your “Happy Box”? Anything that makes you happy! I made one for myself several years ago and it has an assortment of goodies in it, all of which have a story behind them, or a happy sentiment attached. There are beautiful cards that friends sent just out of the blue, little notes from my daughter saying “I love you more than chocolate (a big compliment, here!), one or two photos of a favorite aunt long passed away, clippings from newspapers where my child has won a prize, my daughter’s first tooth, a pressed rose called “Courage” from a time I needed that quality badly, funny drawings from my husband (he can’t draw to save his life!), a pretty stone from a camping site up the coast, the ribbon from a bunch of flowers, tickets to a great concert my husband and I attended together. The list goes on.

My own box is not enormous, nor need yours be. It’s only meant to take those little snippets of happiness that we can so easily forget when we are feeling miserable. It reminds us of days when the sun did shine in every way and also teaches us that that metaphorical sun will shine again.

I often recommend to my clients that they, too, start up their own “Happy Box.” It’s like investing in your future happiness. By starting your own collection of happiness, you will have a large portfolio of reminders of how wonderful your life really is. When someone gives you a small token that gives you joy, slip it into your “Happy Box.”

On those days when everything goes wrong, you feel alone and lonely, and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, here is a ready-made treasure trove of happiness.

Start your collection today.

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