Life is Precious – Don’t Waste It!

“Love every day. Each one is so short and they are so few.”

This is very powerful quote from Norman Vincent Peale. When I read it, it really pulled me up. While some days may seem to drag and we often spent our lives waiting for certain things to occur, such as holidays, etc, the truth is that life does go quickly and our days here are so few.

While Peale’s philosophy is true for all of us, it is especially true for those suffering from various forms of mental illness, particularly severe depression, where days do seem to drag and weeks flow into months and months to years.

Before we know it, several years have evaporated into the mists of time, never to be retrieved. And although the mentally ill spend much of their time suffering emotional pain, it is important to remember that our time here is limited and that is what makes it precious. Imagine if we lived forever! It is the very finite-nature of our lives that gives it quality and meaning and holding onto Norman Vincent Peale’s quotation and making it an important mantra for our own lives will certainly enrich each day. This in turn will enrich our week, our year and consequently our entire lives.

When you are feeling down and depressed or anxious due to any number of reasons, bear in mind that all things pass no matter how painful. As Norman says, each day is short no matter how much any given day seems to drag. This is the truth. And as he also says: “They are so few”.

We do not know how many days we will be given, and even for those who live to a ripe old age, the sentiment from these folk seems much the same: “It all went so quickly”.

So do not waste another moment of this day. It is the only one you have. Make today count and at the end of your days your life will have had meaning for you and you will die a more contented person knowing that you have a tasted life to the full, rather than just sipped it through a straw.

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