Christian “Healing” and Mental Health (3)

In Christian "Healing" and Mental Health (1) and (2), we looked at the way destructive people going under the banner of being Christians can do untold harm to the self worth and even belief system of vulnerable people suffering from the load of mental illness.

These seemingly sincere people claiming to be working for God initially dowse the unsuspecting with the love and assistance they so desperately needed. Except that they took away their “love” under the guise of it being the fault of the sufferer for refusing to be healed by God.

Fortunately, there are some genuinely wonderful people out there who have been literally a Godsend to many lucky sufferers. So how do you tell them apart from the harmful ones?

I guess it’s like anything in this world, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I have mixed with people of many different religious and non-religious beliefs and I have discovered over the years that the really sincere and deeply healing people do not advertise their God as being a “sure thing” nor do they claim to hold all the answers.

In fact, the most helpful religious people I have met do not often mention their own faith at all. They simply go about quietly helping and make a point of never forcing their own beliefs, which they regard as deeply personal to themselves, onto others.

Not for them the bold statement that “Jesus saves” and “We will cast out your demons and set you free.” They are aware that Jesus does not always save, at least not in the way that the sick would prefer it. They do not make false promises. If you ask them about their faith, they will tell you, but they do not go out of heir way to advertise it by endless recounting of the wonders of God.

No, they are too busy listening. Listening to the stories and pain of others so they can best gauge how to help them, which they consider a privilege and not a personal triumph of the ego as do many of the former group of people.

To those of you suffering from emotional problems I would say — listen. Listen to your own guidance and feelings about people who promise the earth. You could be left with a handful of dust. Instead seek people who are truly listeners and who sincerely and humbly try to follow in their leader’s footsteps.

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