Sadistic Narcissism: The End of Margo's Reign of Sadism (1)

In our previous articles where we looked at the life of Margo from the age of elementary school to adulthood, we saw how Margo's increasing sadistic tendencies were infiltrating her burgeoning development of narcissistic personality disorder.

We also looked at the havoc she caused by bullying at her local elementary school, but mainly at the physical and emotional damage caused to her younger sister Leah, who was twelve years her junior.

But despite Margo's "reign of terror"" which was caused by her intense sense of emptiness and lack of a sense of self, Leah was to have the last word. Before we look at how Leah dealt with this situation into which she had been born, it is important to realize that the person who suffers from NPD has very low self esteem, even though they take enormous pains to keep that from the world. They are so good at it in fact, that for many years they are able to keep it from themselves as well, so deeply is this lack of self buried in their psyche.

But they do know themselves well enough to know that they have to belittle others, mock them and, in Margo's case where sadism enters the equation, hurt their victims. But for the sadistic narcissist, it is a way of survival because they have an intense need to feel superior to others and the more that need manifests, the more likely the sadistic streak will come forth. Nothing feels better to a sadist narcissist than to hold power over the weak in the form of pain or causing sorrow.

But by her late teens, Leah had seen through Margo's' lies and manipulations. Margo was not particularly intellectually gifted and left school early to become a butcher's cashier. But Leah had inherited her father's intelligence and Margo was intensely jealous of Leah's academic successes, especially when she graduated from college.

After one particularly spiteful outburst where Margo completely lost control of herself while Leah sat calmly letting her get more and more out of control, Leah decided she had had enough.

In our next article, we will look at how Leah got rid of her narcissist sister out of her life forever.

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