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Meeting Someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder

Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:10 pm
by Beth McHugh
When you first encounter a person with this disorder, you may well be drawn to them initially because they can be fun to be with. They will certainly draw attention to themselves, either through their manner of speech, their overfamiliarity, their flamboyant dress sense and often a sesne of sexual overfamiliarity. Another one of the problems that causes interpersonal dilemmas is that they commonly promise the earth but routinely fail to deliver. Consequently people with HPD find it hard to form long term relationships, which in turn leads to feelings of loneliness and depression. The person with HPD needs help and love but is going about it all the wrong way.
However, it takes many criteria to be diagnosed with this condition. You can read about the diagnostic characteristics and what it's like to encounter a person with this disorder by clicking ... sorder.htm

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