What is Paranoid Personality Disorder

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What is Paranoid Personality Disorder

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All of us tend to be "a little paranoid" at times, but those who suffer from paranoid personality disorder (PPD) find themselves in a world where every word, action and occurrence is filtered through a paranoid lens.

Everything that does happens is centred around the sufferer of PPD and is seldom positive and almost almost negative in context. Harmless comments are seen as direct attacks, they do not confide readily in others and personal relationships are strained because the other person always has "an agenda". Nothing is normal for the sufferer of this condition, all is planned around them, even when they are completely detached both physically and emotionally from any given situation.

You can read about this disorder, the diagnostic criteria and the lives of two sufferers of this condition by clicking here http://youronlinecounselor.com/ParanoidPersDisorder.htm

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