Help required

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Help required

Post by tammy »

Hi Beth, My now step mother was a family 'friend' all of my life and married my father when I was 16, now after all these years(25) I am helping take care of my father and her, Sylvia(age 67). I do not want to be offensive, but has become or has always been 'different'.
She is under a lot of stress as they are having serious financial problems. I am involved trying to help with this and today had her to a psychologist, she wanted to see one to discuss that situation. Tonight I have been so bothered by what does Sylvia actually have, there has to be something, she is a smart woman, likes games even and good at them even jeopardy. But her social skills are very bad, she has been shuned from her own church and town. I am not sure if it is that bad or paranoid. After wikipedia and to find asperger's disorder. I have found you :)
I need your help. I do have a BA with a major in sociology and minor in psychology but that was many many years ago and am surprised I never figured it out then. But we have never been close because it is hard to be... I do not think she knows she has anything wrong. Maybe she does but I have never heard asperger's brought up in our family. Do I tell her? I took a test for asperger's on her behalf, do I explaine it to her and ask her to do it herself? Please tell me what to do, she has never worked and always spent but does not realize how much. That is part of their financial situation, they mortgaged the house to take a trip, my fathers fault as well. I hope you reply fast. I want to help her and if a diagnosis would help I want to give it to her. I am so sure of it. I have a chronic illness and a diagnoses is so enlightening. Thank You Tammy
Beth McHugh
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Re: Help required

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Hi Tammy,
I can do a diagnosis by proxy of your step mother to determine the presence of absence of Asperger's. This process takes two sessions. The questionnaire would be done by you. I can also be done by your step mother but there will be questions in it that she will be unable to answer and that is why I need you to be the person who completes it, with additional material from your step mother if she wishes.

I f you go to my site, you will find my books are temporarily closed due to a full client load but for a proxy diagnosis I can fit you in. Bear in mnd that you can't change your step mother if she does have Asperger's, but i will also be looking for another disorder that mimics Aspergers as well.

Best wishes,

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