What happens when a narcissist finally wakes up...at age 95?

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Re: What happens when a narcissist finally wakes up...at age 95?

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mawwils wrote: Sat Apr 20, 2301 2:17 am Paula,

I just joined this forum and am so glad that I saw your post. I'm also 53, my father is 76, and I too feel that my father has some strong NPD traits but might not have NPD. When I read about NPD, I always feel that most of the descriptions of the traits are not correct for my father, but there are about 3 which he definitely exhibits to a high degree. My family has recently moved to the town where my parents live after living about 10 hours away for 16 years, and I'm trying to deal with this new high degree of exposure to my dad. I've often dreamed of a scenario where I attend counseling with him and point out all the times that he's hurt me so deeply so that we can work through it all with a counselor. My mom currently attends counseling with him, but she can't possibly reveal to him the raw truth since that would make her "the enemy". In fact, I think she has probably diminished all that's happened in her mind in order to deal with the pain. I find that she currently does a lot to orchestrate situations so that Dad won't blow a gasket or go into a depression. That actually makes me mad at her, even though I don't know what else she could do.

Anyway, thank you for posting your story. It's given me hope that there could be some resolution, although I dread dredging it all up.


Seems like a lot of the attachment comes from physical attraction.
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