Dealing with Suicide

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Dealing with Suicide

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As a psychologist I deal with a lot of people who go though a period of considering suicide as an option to their life problems. To even consider suicide goes against the strong inborn instinct that we all possess to stay alive at all costs. So consider how bad the person who wants to consider suicide as an option must be feeling.

Although I counsel people who have had a loss through suicide and feel tremendously for them, I also feel for those who tell me they can see no way out. What concerns me is the anger and rage that is often turned onto the person who commits suicide, as if they, in death, need any more bad thoughts sent their way.

I have written a series of articles on suicide and people's varying reaction to this phenomenon. You can read them at I welcome your thoughts on this taboo issue which take so many people from us, yet largely goes unspoken about.

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